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Serving clients in the Halifax area and Sydney-Glace Bay, Cape Breton, ATL-REFAC Limited provides the very best in heat pump technology to keep your home and family warm and comfortable. We install the best heat pumps with the best industry leading warranties!

We offer a variety of heating solutions, including central ducted heat pumps and mini split heat pumps to best suit your needs. We are a Daikin ductless mini-split heat pump dealer, however we do sell and install a variety of types/brands to suit your specific needs and budget. As an approved Nova Scotia Power contractor and Efficiency Nova Scotia partner, we have the experience and know-how to get the job done right, from sales and installation, to service and maintenance. We have decades of experience in the heat pump industry!

Why Get a Heat Pump?

  • Heat pumps both heat and cool your home. One device does it all. Heating can be up to 300% more efficient than other heating methods! And cooling can be twice as efficient as regular air conditioners!
  • Greater efficiency will save you money! You can save up to 50% on your heating bills by using a heat pump, as opposed to oil or gas furnaces, air conditioners and even heating with wood!
  • Greater efficiency means that a heat pump is environmentally friendly. Go green & save money too!
  • Improve the air quality in your home! Heat pumps clean the air of dirt, dust, pollen and many other allergens.

Why Choose ATL-REFAC Ltd?

  • Experienced, knowledgeable staff - over 250 years combined experience!
  • We sell and service all the top brands.
  • We are an approved contractor by Nova Scotia Power.
  • We are an official partner of Efficiency Nova Scotia.
  • We have offices in Halifax - Dartmouth and Sydney - Glace Bay Cape Breton

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